Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Before I forget

This past weekend came and went without a barbeque downstairs. However, at around midnight on Saturday the dipshits started letting off fire crackers and cherry bombs. I repeat: AT MIDNIGHT. 

When I heard the first one go off, I thought, "Did I just hear what I thought I heard?"  By the time I had picked up the phone to call the police, the fifth one was cracking off. Apparently I was not the only one who called in with a noise complaint. A car came by, and all was quiet afterwards.

Now of course, I cannot be totally without a complaint here, can I? The complaint herein is that it took NINE RINGS for the 911 dispatch to pick up the phone. I could only imagine how much more terrifying say, something like a home invasion or rape or domestic abuse would be, waiting not for help to arrive, but waiting to merely SUMMON help. 


I truly do hate humanity, such as it is.

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What sayeth thou? (Mean people suck, don't fuck it up.)

"I hate people."
"People" stop being "people" when they become friends.
Friends stop being friends when they become assholes.
So to refine my hatred, I hate people and I hate assholes.