Wednesday, May 22, 2013

POV Proverbial Fly on the Wall

Yanno it truly IS "love" when you and your spouse both realize each of you are "blind pimple cyclopses," and at that very moment, each of you start face diving the other, to bash your cycloptic forehead into the other's.

(We call it "zit kiss." We're still working on a proper name for this activity. Yeah. We're twisted like that.)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Caveat Bloggum: Blog Reader Beware

Just a head's up, that if you continue to scroll through my archives, it is quite possible you will come face to face (or face-to-toilet, rather) with a photo my co-irker had sent to my WORK PLACE EMAIL address without a subject line, and without a file name that would belie what, exactly, was in the photo attachment. 

I shall pepper this warning amongst other blog posts, as a warning. I believe I will plant the photo, back dated perhaps as the maiden post of this blog because it demands being documented.

You have been warned.