Monday, October 16, 2006

Fuckwit Neighbors & A Pellet Gun

Beating the Doucheitude Horse “deader”…
View, 8:45 a.m.:

Three additional cars met the same fate in our condo parking lot. A few cars over on a neighboring street did as well
The culprit? Some asshole gave their child a B.B. GUN. From what I’ve pieced together, Barnaby Jones style, is some teen was ambling up our street (perhaps with a friend who lives in our condo complex), and when they got to our parking lot, as they walked through, POP POP POP POP! with the B.B. gun. And then cut through someone else’s yard to get to the next street over (hit some more cars). I suspect the perpetrator lives one more street beyond.

The rear windshield was hit several times. Couple that up with the normal expansion and constriction which takes place on glass during normal evening/early morning frost. I got in my car. Slammed the door. And the friggin’ windshield just imploded.

At first I thought what type of parent would let their kid have a B.B. gun in this day and age when school violence is so prevalent. Then it occured to me that it could very well be a teen or an ADULT. This made me steam even more. Two years into this condo, and I’m hating it. The “fuck you” attitude in this particular area rests on the palate about as welcoming as a pre-puke bad penny taste.

Each of us stayed home (can’t drive it in that condition); two personal days lost. Close to $300 to get the windshield repaired.

Wanna know what would be priceless? If somewhere down the line Westco Med Center ends up with someone in the ER with a B.B. gun perma-wedged up someone’s ass.
And to further compound the unneighborly doucheyness…

I recognized one of the other cars as being one owned by someone who has been “friendly enough” with me. So I went to her condo to let her know about the car, just in case she hasn’t seen it. “Oh yes, I noticed it yesterday a.m., and noticed your car and two others…”

Um? You noticed yesterday? And this didn’t warrant a knock on my door to give me a head’s up?

It’s not that hot of a village we live in. One mile by one mile square. It’s really more like a “pass through” armpit of a village people drive through on their way to someplace else. Might as well be called “Anyplace But Here.” No sidewalks. No fantastic curb appeal on the main thoroughfare. Mindboggling traffic to get out of this area to get to work or “anyplace but here.” Yet, we bought the condo because it was in good condition, and the school district is fantastic… which really seems moot when you think about my custer-flucked ovaries.

I wish we bought a HOUSE. Communal living like apartments, condos or co-ops suck rank dingleberry-dangling, festering fistula horse ass.